CKD: Application for Taxi

Mobile Qt Development, API PHP Development, VOIP, Connected Devices

CKD: Car wash app

Mobile Qt Development, API PHP Development


CKD: Maghreb dating application

Mobile Qt Development


Debug & PhoneGap application improvements

CheckLabel: Securing the product brand

Mobile applications + showcase site + backend

Total Marketing Services

Development of native Android management application (internal)


Specific development for iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

WeGet: Food Delivery

Mobile React.JS PWA Apps, Software, backend


WebSite Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Native Development: Objective C & JAVA

CKD Boulangerie

Native Mobile Development: Objective C & JAVA


Apache cordova development for cross-platform compatibility (web and app)

SyLink Mobile

Qt Mobile Development, API PHP Development


Website Development, Cordova Development, API PHP Development

Vignoble Marchais

Showcase and merchant site for independent winegrowers


WEB + Google Tag Manager optimization


WebSite Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Native Development: Objective C & JAVA

American Car City

WordPress installation and server maintenance for American car dealership with development of specific modules

Rainbow Color’s

Plugin development for WordPress to buy tickets for festival

Bien Fait Shop

Magento Development

Marie Hélène de Taillac

Magento Development

Dropshipping Website Development


WordPress Development and SEO pushing


WordPress Development and SEO pushing


Software development, python, Qt, C++


Tool development for database migration from Access 98 to MySQL

Crawler Project

Crawling project to crawl every data from a website (Python)

Invoice Parsing

Parsing invoice from a printer to send it to government database (C#)

Simple Anti-captcha Bot

Bot to avoid captcha for gaming website (C#)

Simple Invoicer

Software to create invoice with government security box (C# .NET)


Development contribution of Unicenta Software (continuance of OpenBravo community) (JAVA)


Development contribution of private gaming emulator development (C++)


Website, Software development for VPN


Let’s see the project on the website

Multiple Website and Server Security

SSL installation, system security, network security, CMS security plugin, IP FAILOVER, Load Balancing

OmegaWeb, AWG, ROMANO Thérapeute, American Car City, Egide, ADDP, CTF, COGESCO, “Grande marque de pneu française”, SNEB, GenerAds, …

CCTV: security camera

Security cameras installation and online server with recorder



Security algorithm to recognize real product and fake product


Outsourcing server managment

With our services, we can maintain your server online, manage your backup and apply securities & updates

Outsourcing website managment

With our services, we maintain your website and we put security to avoid malicious people to break it

Outsourcing Application managment

With our services, we maintain your application, correct bugs and apply correction about systems upgrades